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This project aggressively/lovingly attacked/celebrated the Los Angeles suburban condition.  I believe that architecture has an intelligence that rarely is applied by those who build the most; developers.


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These are images I took of a neighborhood near where I grew up in Orange County.  It’s this creepy Stepford kind of place.  It’s super easy to get lost because EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME.  It’s really incredible that a tract with hundreds of houses can seem undifferentiated.  I set out to show the ways that people customize their homes despite it being identical in model to all the homes around it, but what I ended up being convinced of is that there’s not much you can do in the given situation.  The only places people expressed any individuality was in banners, flower beds, and lawn accessories.  These are the options available to them at the local home store.  I’d like to see an architecture that doesn’t mask individuality with sameness, but showcases it.

Here’s a little mashup I did of the combined facades of the three blocks in Mar Vista that comprise the Gregory Ain tract there.  Along the way, I ran into a friend who had come by just at the same time to peep a decrepit backyard of the worst house in the lot which is awaiting a total remodel by it’s new owner.  This particular backyard contains one of the pools said to be used by the famous Dogtown Z-Boys.

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Shortstop.  JR.  Elysian Park.  Vin Scully.  It’s very important to get out of the studio.  How else to be an arbiter of culture?