It is often said that Los Angeles has no culture.  No one from Los Angeles says this.  For generations, this city has been the destination for non-conformists, creatives, independents, REBELS.  It’s the last stop west.  A place where you can be whoever you are, or whoever you want to be.  The weirdos come here, and, as a result, we are a culture of weird.  It has been the birthplace of so many counter cultures that they now are the culture.  Surfers, hot rodders, hippies, cholos and starlets.  So why, in a city of artists and rebels, do we expand expand expand the suburban sprawl sprawl sprawl of generic sameness, intended for average people with average families?  We are not average.  We love our suburban houses, we love our backyard barbeques and our driveways, but must they be so average?  Los Angeles deserves a new model of suburbia designed for the Los Angeleno.